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How do I use the OrthoBand correctly?

Remove the OrthoBand from the packaging. Put the OrthoBand between your thumb and index finger. Slowly slide the band over both teeth (those with the interdental space) – same procedure as for using floss.


How long do I have to wear the Orthobands?

You should wear them every day until the gap is closed. It just lasts for a few days until smaller gaps are closed. Concerning gaps of about 3mm, it can last for some weeks.


Can I straighten my teeth with Orthobands?

No, you cannot. OrthoBands were only manufactured to close tooth gaps.


Can I also use OrthoBands in case of sensitive teeth?

Yes, you can. However, you should not press the OrthoBands against you gums?


Do I get a new tooth gap on the opposite side when closing a large tooth gap?

In most case, it does not happen. If it should nevertheless happen, you can also use our OrthoBand for that gap.


How large can the maximum size of a tooth gap be?

We recommend using Orthobands up to a maximum size of 3.5 mm.


For which age groups are OrthoBands suitable?

We recommend not using OrthoBands under the age of 18 as the tooth structure of young people is still developing.


Can I reuse OrthoBands?

No, you cannot reuse OrthoBands.


Can I use OrthoBands for both, the upper- and lower jaw?

Yes, you can use them for the upper and lower jaw.


What kind of material is used for OrthoBands?

The OrthoBands are especially made for orthodontics. The OrthoBands belong to the premium class of polymers and do not contain latex. Moreover, it is tasteless and hardly noticeable.


How do I have to wear OrthoBands?

A small tooth gap (smaller than 2.5mm) requires 5-20 days until it is closed.

A bigger tooth gap (bigger than 2.5 mm) requires 21-60 days until it is closed.


Can I wear OrthoBands overnight?

Yes, you can. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that there is a risk of swallowing! Therefore always be careful!


How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs £ 2,49


How can I pay OrthoBands?

By PayPal, debit, cash in advance or credit card.


When will my order be shipped?

Delivery times are usually approx. 2 to 4 working days.


Do you still have any questions?

Please do not hesitate and contact us any time.