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Do you have a tooth gap or noticeable interdental spaces?
Would you like to have an aesthetic smile without going to the doctor?
Do you cover your mouth when laughing or have you already stopped it?
Are you ashamed?


If you are afraid of the dentist or ashamed of your tooth gap or interdental spaces,
we offer you the perfect solution!


If you are not satisfied with your present condition of teeth, we offer you the ideal possibility to improve your life on the spot. It does not matter whether you have a tooth gap for ages or you recently discovered an interdental space. The Orthobands are especially manufactured for orthodontics. They allow you to close the tooth gap or interdental spaces and to get a new smile.

The Orthobands belong to the premium class of the elastic polymer, contains no latex. Moreover, they are tasteless and are hardly noticeable. For more than 10 years, Orthobands have been the best alternative in order to close interdental spaces without having to bear expensive braces.



You should wear the OrthoBands every day until the interdental space is closed (12 hours/day).

A smaller tooth gap (smaller than 2.5 mm) requires 5-20 days until the interdental space is closed.

A larger tooth gap (larger than 2.5 mm requires 21-60 days until the interdental space is closed.



The best is that a box of those OrthoBands (à 100 pieces) only costs £ 16,95 and is therefore unbeatable low priced. Invest £ 16,95 and you can start a new life that enables you to laugh again in public.



Your interdental spaces should not be larger than 3.5 mm.

Save £ 10,00 - Delivery in neutral packaging - 30 days warranty - From £ 16,95






Customers said:

~ Tony
My two front teeth grew extensively apart from each other. That product already showed first results after days. In the meantime, my
interdental space is closed. Now, I wear the Orthobands every night. Even my dentist is filled with enthusiasm for the Orthobands.

~ Rick
I will never again leave home without the Orthobands, Only when eating, it put the Orthobands aside. I had a large interdental
space but the Orthobands have helped me a lot. Those Orthobands are comfortable enough to wear them overnight.

~ Ellen
I do not use the Orthobands for that long but cannot believe it: they bring about true miracles – and all that at an unbeatable price.

~ David
I love these Orthobands – they closed my interdental space within four days.

~ Mary
I have had my interdental space my whole life. I always wanted to have it closed but braces were far too expensive for me.
I have been wearing those Orthobands for three days and my interdental space is almost closed. I am very happy with that product.

~ Catherine
The Orthobands work well. However, as soon as you do not use them, the interdental space comes back.
That’s why you have to be consistent in wearing them.

~ Peter
I had a large interdental space (about 3.5 mm). The OrthoBands closed that great gap within a month. They are perfect.

100x Orthobands-MEDIUM (tooth gap: 0 - 2 mm)

1x clear and detailed instruction for use

Price: Instead of £ 26,95 now only £ 16,95

(Price incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping costs of £ 2,49)


100x Orthobands-LARGE (tooth gap: 2 - 3.5 mm)

1x clear and detailed instruction for use

Price: Instead of £ 26,95 now only £ 16,95

(Price incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping costs of £ 2,49)


Our service: 30 days warranty

We stand behind our products and that’s why we issue a warranty of 30 days. If, however, you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send us an email and send the product back. As soon as we have received and checked your return delivery, you will get an confirmation email. The payment will be transferred within a few days. (For hygienic reason, used products are excluded from the right of replacement and return.)


However, I recommend you to visit your dentist on a regular basis in order guarantee tooth health. We would
explicitly like to point out that our cosmetic products are only a temporary solution and only for cosmetic purposes.


Note: They are not suitable for dentures such as prosthesis, crowns, dental bridges, etc.

Note: Your interdental space should not be larger than 3.5 mm